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Chocolate ball mill

Ball mills are a crucial component of chocolate production. These machines are durable, energy efficient, easy to maintain and clean, making them ideal for grinding and refining chocolate.

One shot depositor

High production capacity machine (up to 20 moulds per minute) that can be used for different cream-filled chocolate.

Automatic wheeled chocolate moulding

The line consists of an automatic loader, pre-moulding heating step followed by a scraper station to clean outgoing moulds, and subsequent vibration to evenly distribute the chocolate. It’s suitable to produce any type of molded chocolate product whether solid, filled, or containing nuts.


Designed for continuous production with consistent chocolate weight and thickness to achieve the desired result. Suitable for full, half or bottom-enrobing of bars, confections, etc. Equipped with a hot blowing system, along with heaters inside the enrobing chamber.


Made of AISI 304 stainless steel with a remarkable production capacity (18 mins to finish its capacity of 40/60 kg of chocolate). It’s easy to operate and clean.

Chips depositor

High production capacity machine for chocolate chips and drops. It uses a 60cm coins depositor. in addition to servo motors for the deposition mechanism. The chocolate chips depositing line also includes a vibration belt to control drops shapes.

Couverture depositor

This machine is dedicated for depositing 2.5kg (white or dark) chocolate coverture moulds. It includes multipe stages: starting with automatic mould feeder and heating, followed by chocolate deposition, a vibration unit to ensure consistent and bubble-free chocolate, and finally feed the moulds to the cooling tunnel.


This machine can be used to injects chocolate into pastries, filling jars and much more, taking advantage of its accessories. In addition to being easy to operate and compatiable with spreadable creams of different density and viscosity.

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Alexandria Co. for food packaging
Life snacks
Glasby pharma
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